The $99 self-calibrating, wifi, 3D printer!

Over $770,000 raised on Kickstarter!

Pre-order Now for an estimated Q2 2018 Delivery!

The BuildOne is available in five different packages, each comes with everything you need to get started.
We've also made available a number of further optional upgrades and accessories.

Basic and Plus
Everything you need for 3D printing! (Plus adds PEI bed)
Adds a PEI heated bed for printing ABS and other advanced materials
Ultimate and Ultimate Laser
Adds a full enclosure and with the Ultimate Laser - a laser engraver as well

Pre-orders are no longer available.

(Click "More Info" on any item on the Pre-order page for more about it and what it includes. NOTE: Some printer packages already include some of the upgrades.)

For more details see our recently completed Kickstarter project (and then come back here to order):

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